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Unit 1 | Learn to Airbrush Online - Basics

Airbrushing - The Ultimate Beginners Airbrushing guide to cutting your learning time in half, saving money and creating mind blowing results! | taught by Luke Kelly
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Nelson Smith

It helped me to become familiar with many parts and pieces of the equipment and jargon of the air brush skill I am looking to acquire

Mike Schirm


Awesome, very helpful. When are the next units available???

Ray Millard

Learn to Airbrush Online

Very enjoyable and easy to understand.

Nelson Smith

It helped me to become familiar with many parts and pieces of the equipment and jargon of the air brush skill I am looking to acquire

Mike Schirm

Awesome, very helpful. When are the next units available???

Ray Millard

Very enjoyable and easy to understand.

Alanna Bates

I learned all about airbrushing. I enjoyed every moment of it. I look forward to learning more.

Luke Kelly
Luke Kelly
Airbrush Instructor

About the instructor

The airbrush is an incredible artistic tool that millions of people from around the globe have fallen in love with. However, often newcomers to the art are overwhelmed by the difficulty in learning the various in-depth techniques required to start using the gun correctly. The one-time school teacher and creative founder of kustomblog.com share's his passion and energy for this incredible skill using online courses, workshop's and video tutorials. Luke's passion for the industry is coupled with his unique skill set to build engaging unique online courses that are unlike anything created before. Luke has been Airbrushing, Kustom Painting, Pinstriping, and Drawing for the last 12 years and is a qualified Australian Art teacher.

Designed and presented by Luke

The Learntoairbrushonline.com beginners crash course is ideal for anyone who is new to airbrushing and wants to build a strong foundation or for the artist who currently has some gaps in their current knowledge. Perhaps you've been learning some of the basics on YouTube or other sources but really want to take it to the next level by taking our complete guide to airbrushing.

What is the outcome of this course?

To learn the core mechanics behind all types of Airbrushing - no matter what niche or hobby you're into the techniques taught in this course will cut your learning time in half and dramatically improve your airbrushing skills in a matter of weeks. We've crammed 12 years of airbrushing expertise into a powerful online learning experience that cuts straight to the point without any fluff in-between.

Whats the structure of the course?

The Learn to Airbrush - Ultimate Beginners Course is divided into 6 easy to follow step-by-step units, each unit covers a key aspect you need to learn when you first start out. By unit 6 we'll teach you a simple Airbrushing language that will help you create incredible airbrushed artwork that you can show off to your friends and family!

Unit 1 (free to try)

In Unit 1, we'll go over the three major types of Airbrushes; what they are and their strengths and their weaknesses.

Why the Airbrush is such an incredibly powerful artist tool - and how you can harness it!

Why picking an Airbrush needs to suit your needs!

Correct Diassembly, Reassembly and Proper Cleaning Methods

Airbrush Brands. Our Recommendations for the best success.

Paper and Canvas types. What to chose as beginner.

How to use technology to accelerate your learning through out this course.

Unit 2:

Choosing an affordable beginners starter kit - Everything you need to complete this online course with maximum results!!

How to start building muscle memory and why this will dramatically increase your final results.

Setting up your Airbrush and Airlines for the first time. Why you need to get it right the first time!

Artist Easel Selection & Work space Setup. How to create a million dollar easel on a shoe string budget.

Health & Safety procedures when working with Airbrush paints and products.

How to save big $$$ when starting out! My secrets to getting ahead.

Understanding Over spray - Techniques to avoid ruining everything in sight!!

How to avoid the beginners frustration. What 12 years of Airbrushing has taught me about the difficulty of Airbrushing.

Unit 3:

What are water based airbrush paints - Why separates them from standard water-based paint

Setting up your airlines and avoiding moisture where possible

Setting up your compressor for the first time, and how to use it for optimal airbrush performance

Using airbrush reducer for proper paint flow.

How to store your paints to save money and increase shelf life

Airbrush paint types, pearls, candies, transparencies and some bling bling!!

Paint primers

Unit 4:

A.A.O - The Key to Success

Creating simple special effects. Impress your friends and family with these killer techniques.

Learning the first masterstroke

Learning the second masterstroke and how to tie the two together

Using Stencils for the first time

How to create your own stencils without being artistic!

Free hand work vs Stenciling - why you need to know both techniques.

Unit 5:

Learn masterstrokes 3-5.

The P rule - what is it and why it'll radically improve your skills

Height vs Intensity

How to control your trigger like a BOSS

Understanding needle sizes and their impact on your airbrushing

How to listen to the airbrush engine and apply advanced troubleshooting techniques

Creating our first complete artwork!

Unit 6:

Applying the Airbrushing Language

How to create your own airbrush road map using this simple language

Mastering the DAGGER

Artwork Pre-analysis - think before you spray!

Creating Artworks 2 & 3 from start to finish.

Certificate of completion for all students who finishes all six units.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do I need any special tools?

    All the required equipment are outlined in the course in an easy to follow .pdf checklist that you can print out and take to your local hardware store of home depot and pick up in one visit. Some basic materials are required however our goal is to save you as much money as possible where possible.

  • Can I make money from this course?

    Absolutely. Airbrushing is such an incredibly powerful skill that even with basic skills you can start earning you some very nice pocket money. We'll cover Airbrushing business ideas at a later stage for those who are interested. We also have an affiliate program for all students who complete unit 1 and who like to recommend us to their friends!

  • How long will it take to complete?

    It really depends on the student and how you apply yourself. Some students could really push themselves and finish the course within a few days, whereas others will take a few weeks depending on their schedule. The best thing about learning to Airbrush Online is our course is ready when you are!

  • I've done an airbrushing course before, should I still do this one?

    Great question! I think our course has something valuable for everyone, no matter what previous training they have. We've really jam packed the beginners course with information that is not readily available elsewhere and we're extremely proud of that. You can try unit 1 for free, so please enroll and see what we have to offer :)

  • Is there a money back guarantee?

    Yep! We offer a 30-day money back guarantee because we're extremely proud of the content and information presented in our courses.

  • I've never even touched an airbrush before, am I going to fall behind?

    No way! You're exactly who this course is designed for. We'll teach you everything about learning to airbrush from start to finish.

  • Will the techniques in this course help me with the small niche I use airbrushing for?

    Yup. In the 12 year's I have been airbrushing and teaching I have taught people from all types of industries and small niches. I've taught makeup artists, cake artists, body painters, illustrators, spray painters, sign writers, illustrators, professional photographers, pencil artists and more!

  • I've heard that airbrush paints are toxic, do I need to worry about health & safety?

    This is a really common question and that's why we've dedicated a detailed lesson to how to look after your health properly when using airbrush paints. Your health is the most important thing you have so using the proper safety equipment is paramount.

  • I'm not artistic at all but I'd love to try airbrushing - Is this the course for me?

    I love answering this question! Here's why: ANYONE can learn how to airbrush. Airbrushing is not like drawing or painting with oil paints, it can be broken down into simple step-by-step processes that anyone, no matter their age of skill level can follow. I absolutely love seeing the surprised look on people's faces when they see the incredible results they can achieve in such a short period of time!

  • I can't draw a stick figure! (Really, I'm that bad) What sort of results will I have from this course?

    I haven't had a single person complete one of our courses who didn't really enjoy themselves and the artwork they created. However if for some reason you think you didn't achieve the outcome of this course, we have a nifty 30-day money back guarantee available.

  • Does it matter what age I am? Can kids learn too?

    I'm really proud of the fact that even kids can learn the simple step by step methods outlined in the beginners course. I've taught in primary schools and had students as young as ten create beautiful airbrush pieces of art!

Is this course for me?

Well, if you are:

  • A total beginner looking to get an extremely good foundation in airbrushing
  • In a small niche that uses airbrushing, but you don't really know where to start
  • Never used an airbrush before and want to take the best possible approach to learning
  • Not sure what airbrush to buy or what paints to use
  • Not sure what techniques to practice to rapidly improve your skills
  • Not sure what compressor to use or how to set it up correctly
  • No idea how to control the trigger of the airbrush, and why it’s so difficult
  • Not sure how to use a stencil and why it's so important
  • Not sure what the difference between stencil and freehand work is
  • Not sure of what health and safety aspects to take into consideration
  • Not sure what the 'core strokes' of airbrushing are
  • Not sure why the airbrush keeps on clogging up every five seconds!
  • Not sure how to apply simple techniques to create incredible mind-blowing artworks
  • Not sure of the importance of using layering techniques
  • Not sure why your artwork looks blotchy and how to fix it
  • Not sure how to hold the airbrush to build muscle memory
  • Not sure what airbrush you need to purchase

Then this is the course for you!

However, if you are:

  • Not ready to learn anything new, and think you know everything about airbrushing
  • Already know what the basics of airbrushing are, and how to use them to decode any artwork
  • Know what airbrush paints to use, and the correct methods to thin them
  • Know the various types of airbrushes, and what the benefits of each are
  • Know how to setup your paper and canvas properly to avoid paint warping and blotching
  • Know what techniques to practice for increased muscle memory and rapid improvement

This isn't the course for you (sorry!)

How does it work?

The beginners course has a total of 6 units. Each of the units provides detailed information regarding a key aspect of airbrushing tha all students will find valuable. Please check the course introduction video for more information!

Can I download the courses?

All of the course handouts, artwork road maps and airbrushing worksheets are downloadable and available straight after payment. However, the videos and intellectual property are copyrighted material that is not allowed to be redistributed. All course content is available on all mobile devices such as iOS, Android, OSX and Windows Computers

Is there an expiry date for the courses?

Nope! You have totally unlimited, lifetime access. If you forget your password you can easily retrieve a new one if required.

Free Stuff!

Unit 1 of our course is currently available totally free and provides quality detailed videos to help you get a taste for our teaching style and provides an insight into our other 5 units. We hope you enjoy the course and please let us know if there's anything you'd like to see in the future! The course has a total of six units, each unit details a different aspect of airbrushing. Completing all six units will see each student receive an online certificate of completion!


Course Contents

8 Videos
10 Texts
2 PDFs
1 Audio
20.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

What Is An Airbrush And Why Is It The Most Powerful Artist Tool Ever?
Airbrush Brands | Our Recommendations And Preferred Manufacturers
Paper and Canvas Selection | Insane Hacks to make your work look AWESOME